Choosing Exciting And Fun Cat Toys

pty00-14227-2 TwitchCats choose a favorite toy and time for play depending on the life style of their family.  Many families are not at home during the day due to work and school activities and your cat needs a playful activity between nap times.

There are exciting pet toys available for your favorite feline.   A dart laser cat toy may be shared by a second cat or puppy family pet.   The frolicat bolt interactive laser pet toy and the frolicat flik interactive toy are also available for play by a single pet.

Consider making your cat a happy cat with a new toy!

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catf12Your cat will be a happy cat if it has your love and attention along with food, water, toys, a comfy place to nap, and a scratching post or pad to help keep its claws in good condition.  Cats also enjoy a place where they can hide and feel safe — especially if there are other pets in the household.

A scratching post will take the place of household furniture for your cat’s claw care needs and you both will be happy!

Sisal cat scratching posts or pads are available on various items of cat furniture and on some cat toys.  My granddaughter adopted two cats from a rescue organization and I gave her a Casita Cat Tree with scratching areas.  Needless to say — the cats love it!

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Animals that develop joint or internal organ problems will have a more comfortable life with the help of an orthopedic pet bed.

Pet owners are forced to deal with unexpected health developments as their beloved animal grows older or is involved in a debilitating accident.  However, orthopedic dog crate pads and beds are now available to ease the pain of their getting up or lying down situations.

A number of years ago I adopted a mixed breed dog from Animals Best Friends, a local rescue group.  She developed joint problems which required pain medication.  Her life would have been much more comfortable if orthopedic beds had been available during her last three of the special 14 years we shared together.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to acquire an orthopedic bed from our selections if your pet has developed painful health problems.

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There is a wide selection of attractive bird cages with the essential water containers, seed cups and perches, but most do not provide enough space for flight.

I know a lady who has two parakeets, and she lets them out of their cage three times each week for free flight.  Of course she has to clean up their occasional droppings, but she wants them to have freedom to fly in an open area.

Bird flight cages are available with adequate space for canaries and parakeets to “exercise their wings” without having follow-up cleaning of household items.

Check out our flight cages and provide your bird(s) with a new adventure that shows them the reason they have wings.

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Golfing With Your Favorite Pet Dog

tl9000sgI have a friend who has a bulldog named Buster who enjoys frequent rides in the car — especially when the trip includes a walk in the park.  Buster even has a foldable dog ramp to make it safer and easier for him to get in and out of the car.

My friend also plays golf with others, but frequently goes to his local golf club alone to practice on new techniques he read about or saw on TV.  He recently purchased a dog pet seat for his golf cart so Buster is now able to share these outings.  They shared the excitement of a “hole in one” last week.

Golfing with your favorite pet dog family member provides a special day of remembrance for both of you!

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Choosing Your First Cat Pet — Adult Or Kitten

pty00-14244-2 Frolic BoltA wise choice for a first pet cat is extremely important.  Your home life style, age of family members, and other pet family members should be considered.

Cats are “inside” pets very suitable for working families with school-age children.  They enjoy napping or amusing themselves with available toys while at home alone.  A frolicat bolt interactive laser pet toy would be an ideal welcome toy for your new feline friend.

Choosing a kitten would not be appropriate for small children due to the possibility of scratching problems.  Their interaction could be detrimental to both the child and the kitten.  An adult cat would be more suitable with small children, but should be watched closely until any behavior issues are resolved.

Many homes have both cats and dogs who share happy hours together.   If you plan to have a cat and a dog, it is best to wait to get the puppy or adult dog until the cat is well established as a family member.  It is easier for a dog to adjust to a cat than a cat adjusting to a dog.

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Choosing A Bird For A Pet

There are important choices to consider when you decide to add a bird as a new family member.   Canaries and parakeets are the most popular choices for first-time bird owners.   A wide variety of colors are available, and prices are reasonable.  Canary and parakeet bird cages and supplies are reasonably priced also.

Canaries will entertain you with sweet songs.   Parrots and parakeets are capable of learning words and simple phrases.   My son wanted a parrot when he was in the fourth grade, and we had many hours of fun teaching it clever things to say.   It already knew how to say “uh oh” so he taught the bird to say “uh oh dog–dog” whenever it saw our Giant Schnauzer.   “Birds don’t talk” was the phrase his friends thought was the funniest of all in its vocabulary!

Birds make family life interesting, but might not be appropriate if you have a feline family member.

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Specialty Dog Seats And Carriers

Do you enjoy golfing, bicycling, or ATV outings?   Specialty dog seats are now available to give you the opportunity to share more time with your furry friend family member.

These special lookout dog seats provide safety and comfort for your dog to accompany you on an occasional outdoor adventure to the park, golf course, or  trail riding experience.

Many families enjoy the fun and companionship of bicycle outings.  A bicycle dog seat will make it possible to bring your dog along for a total family outdoor event

Check out our dog seats designed especially for golf carts, bicycles, and ATV’s.  You and your dog will have a wonderful new “togetherness” opportunity!

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Safe And Comfortable Traveling Tips For Pets

It is always important to have your pet secured in a safe and comfortable manner when traveling whether your trips are for short local errands or for long distance destinations.

Harnesses and car seats for dogs are designed to attach to the safety belt or head rest in your front or back seat.   Pet carriers are available for both cats and small dogs.  A small animal’s own cage can double as a safe carrier for traveling either long or short distances.

Check out our Stow and Go Pet Car Seat that includes a travel case for your personal needs secured beneath a dog console car seat.   This combo conserves space in your vehicle and provides a comfy and safe view for your pet in the back seat.

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Aquariums For Senior Family Members

An aquarium is perfect for an older family member in your household.   Besides watching TV, they can focus on the fish from their comfy chair between their naps throughout the day.

My mother was in my home for the final two years of her life, and I am familiar with the habits and needs of a senior family member.  I installed a desktop aquarium nearby her favorite chair and she enjoyed watching the fish.  Sometimes when she awoke from one of her short naps, she did not realize she had been asleep.   This made her daytime hours seem to move faster.

We had a larger aquarium in another room that she visited occasionally, but she preferred her own.  She even named the fish, and would often chat about them during her visits with her grandchildren.

Perhaps you should consider an aquarium to brighten the days for your beloved senior family member!

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